Outstanding Historic Event Designation: The Establishment of the Newfoundland Ranger Force

Establishment of the Newfoundland Ranger Force received designation as an Outstanding Historic Event by the Provincial Historic Commemorations Program operated by The Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador. A virtual commemoration ceremony was held on May 12, 2021.

Doug Wells, of the Elliott Premises Management Committee, Harbour Breton, nominated the Ranger Force for recognition under the program. A commemorations research paper was prepared by Ellen Power.

Visit the Heritage NL website to view the commemoration pages.

About the Provincial Historic Commemorations Program (PHCP)

The PHCP is a citizen-driven program that commemorates aspects of our history and culture that are of provincial significance. The PHCP recognizes, honours and interprets our cultural and historic treasures. The program is unique for its recognition of intangible aspects of our culture and heritage – the customs, practices, skills and knowledge that define us. The program recognizes subjects that have a broad impact on the province as a whole. Subjects with a more regional impact may also be recognized.

Nominations fall under the categories of:

  • Exceptional People from the Past
  • Outstanding Historic Events
  • Unique Places
  • Distinctive Cultural Traditions and Practices
  • Tradition Bearers

Nominations are reviewed by the PHCP Committee. Successful nominations should be of provincial significance and should have influenced Newfoundland and Labrador’s collective history, culture and way of life.

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