The Royal Canadian Mounted Police influenced the Ranger Force from its outset. Commission of Government decided on August 8, 1934 to prepare a scheme to establish a force of Rangers outside St. John’s. In September of 1934, Commissioner Hope Simpson proposed a visit to Ottawa to consult the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Upon returning, Hope Simpson prepared a memorandum to Commission of Government descibing the RCMP and proposing a plan for the Ranger Force.

In 1949 Newfoundland and Labrador joined Canada and plans were made for the Ranger Force to be absorbed by the RCMP. The Rangers continued their duties under the Ranger Force until July 31, 1950. On August 1, there were 59 active members of the Ranger Force, of which 55 decided to transfer to the RCMP.

Listed below are the Rangers who joined the RCMP upon amalgamation in 1950.